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We Believe equality can be achieved everywhere

Why a prize? Why Finland?

Gender equality is a core value of Finland. It has been essential in shaping and defining the way we have built our nation to achieve the success of today. Because 2017 is Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence, the Government decided this year would offer a wonderful opportunity to establish the first International Gender Equality Prize.

The prize will be awarded to a person or organisation working to advance and defend equality. The recipient will identify a cause, an innovative endeavour or action to which the prize money will be granted. This year the amount of the prize is EUR 150,000.

We Finns are deeply proud of our achievements in gender equality. Because gender equality has benefitted our country, we see this award as a way to champion individual gender equality efforts and to help promote gender equality overall.

There are many organisations and individuals making important strides in advancing gender equality around the world. Our hope is that this prize will help by providing additional support and a new platform for the game changers in gender equality.

We also want to further promote discussion about gender equality in a global context.


How it works

The prize was established by the Government of Finland as part of Finland’s centenary celebrations. By nature, the prize is apolitical and it will be awarded by the Prime Minister’s Office of Finland based on the recommendation of an independent jury. The Prime Minister’s Office appoints the independent jury that will select the winner and then a member of the government will present the prize to the recipient later this year.

We want to make sure that the prize benefits the women and girls who need our help the most, so we are asking the winner to choose an Official Development Assistance (ODA) eligible cause or project for the allocation of the prize money.


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Fact sheet about the International Gender Equality Prize (PDF)


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